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Project Athena Implementation Status

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  1. Purpose: To provide information on implementation status of Project Athena across all cohorts.
  2. Facts.Overview. Project Athena equips Army leaders with assessment feedback to enhance career-long self-awareness and readiness. Project Athena is a CSA initiative supporting the Army People Strategy and the associated Military Implementation Plan. Project Athena contributes to task 2.2.a, enhance leader effectiveness through assessments, and task 3.1.b, create a culture of assessments throughout Soldiers’ careers. Milestones for both tasks, in support of TRADOC, are on schedule to implement Project Athena and reinforce a culture of assessments and development across the entire force by FY24. Project Athena’s preparation of leaders also supports ATMTF initiatives, like the Command Assessment Programs. Self-development insights and actions taken upon results from Project Athena ensure Army leaders are equipped to handle future challenges.
    1. Active Component. Pilots began in August 2020 with Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) classes with start dates from July through September. Testing began with the two selected commercial assessments (reading and writing) and expanded to four additional Army-developed personality, leadership, and cognitive assessments as they were completed through December. At the same time, a small pilot of the Captains Career Course (CCC) battery of two commercial assessments (social skills and critical thinking) and three Army-developed personality and leadership assessments was conducted with two classes at the Maneuver Center. Weekly virtual working group meetings with CAL and representatives from each School and Center captured process improvements, lessons learned, and other development. Due to fiscal constraints, commercial assessments are only included in Officer batteries, with the exception of WOSSE which also participates in the commercial conflict resolution assessment.
      1. Officer Education System. The FY20 BOLC pilot prepared the branch schools for full implementation of all six Athena assessments in FY21 from 1 October. A total of 3331 BOLC students in 57 classes completed 11,288 assessments in FY20. To date in FY21, 3869 BOLC students in 87 have completed 17,758 assessments. Full implementation in CCC began in January 2021. A total of 217 CCC students in 2 classes completed 864 assessments in FY20. To date, 1852 CCC students in 44 classes have completed 6734 assessments. The FY20 Command and General Staff Officers’ Course executed their full battery of eight assessments in April 2021, with 872 students completing 6430 assessments. This is a total of 43,074 assessments completed in the Officer cohort to date.
      2. Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development System. Pilots for each course are being conducted at three different schools beginning in February with BLC, adding one course each month ending with MLC in April. To date, 2020 BLC students in 13 classes have completed 4996 assessments; 525 ALC students in 18 classes have completed 929 assessments; 246 SLC students in 13 classes have completed 693 assessments; and 55 MLC students in 2 classes have completed 105 assessments, for a total of 6,723 assessments in NCOPDS. Sergeants Major Academy will execute their battery of five assessments beginning with their new class in August. Full implementation will be phased in across all branches and schools throughout FY22.
      3. Warrant Officer Education System. Three WOBC pilots began in March with three WOAC pilots beginning in April. WOILE and WOSSE classes remain virtual due to COVID, so those pilots will begin in August and October, respectively. To date 156 WOBC students in 6 classes have completed 306 assessments, while 138 WOAC students have completed 274, for a total of 580 WOES assessments. Full implementation will be phased in to all Warrant schools throughout FY22.
      4. Civilian Education System. All CES classes are remaining virtual until FY22, so pilots will begin in October 2021. The Basic, Intermediate, and Advance courses will each include a battery of four Project Athena assessments. CESL will conduct two.
    2. COMPO 2 and 3. Planning continues for potential expansion of Project Athena to resident classes in COMPO 2 and 3 to begin NET FY23 with full implementation projected for the end of FY24. During initial implementation, Guard and Reserve Soldiers who attend Active Component in-resident classes are fully participating in all assessments. Logistics considerations and resource requirements are being identified and evaluated.

Dr. Marilyn Willis-Grider/ATZL-MCV/ DSN 585-3591 APPROVED BY: COL Samuel Saine