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Prevailing in Large-Scale Combat Operations:
Character, Trust, and Mission Command

The FY 19-20 AAOP theme, "Prevailing in Large-Scale Combat Operations: Character, Trust, and Mission Command" supports the focus of the Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) on readiness and lethality. The theme highlights the importance of the Army prevailing in large-scale combat operations by exercising mission command, which requires mutual trust and depends on character. This biennial theme continues the strategic intent of previous themes to inspire and motivate commitment to fulfill our professional responsibilities to each other, the Army, and the American people. In order to prevail in large-scale combat operations, Soldiers and Army Civilians must understand the interdependent relationships between character, trust, and mission command. Consistent demonstration of character, competence, and commitment develops mutual trust and cohesive teamwork – the first principle of mission command. The outcome is readiness to prevail in the complex operational environment described in our doctrine.

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