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Honorable Service and Stewardship

Create Your Own Honorable Service & Stewardship Training

  1. Hover over a picture to view a brief description.
  2. Click the picture to select and add the case study to your session.
  3. After making all your selections, click "Create Training."
  4. Facilitator Notecards are available for each video case study (there are two options for printing).

Sample Lesson Plan Participant Handout

Life out of Reach
Life out of Reach Screenshot
Medal of Honor Foundation
Medal of Honor Foundation Screenshot
Principled Evaulation
Principled Evaulation Screenshot
PVT Bandy
PVT Bandy Screenshot
Rumors From Home
Rumors From Home Screenshot
Shared Sacrifice
Shared Sacrifice Screenshot
SMA Stand Strong
SMA Stand Strong Screenshot
A Question of Loyalty
A Question of Loyalty Screenshot
Army Values in Action
Army Values in Action Screenshot
Choosing the Hard Right over the Easy Wrong
Choosing the Hard Right over the Easy Wrong Screenshot
Compromise Integrity for Popularity?
Compromise Integrity for Popularity? Screenshot
Haditha, Iraq
Haditha, Iraq Screenshot
Hooking and Crooking
Hooking and Crooking Screenshot
Right is Always Right
Right is Always Right Screenshot

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