Create Your Own Trust Training

  1. Hover over a picture to view a brief description.
  2. Click the picture to select and add the case study to your session.
  3. After making all your selections, click "Create Training."
  4. Facilitator Notecards are available for each video case study (there are two options for printing).

Key Concept Slides Sample Lesson Plan Trust Handout

Age of Accountability Screenshot
Age of Accountability
Binding Wounds Screenshot
Binding Wounds
Deliberate Pressure Screenshot
Deliberate Pressure
False Positive Screenshot
False Positive
Inseparable Valor Screenshot
Inseparable Valor
Rumors From Home Screenshot
Rumors From Home
Trust - Diem Screenshot
Trust - Diem
Trust - Wintrich Screenshot
Trust - Wintrich
Anger and Frustration Screenshot
Anger and Frustration
CPT Erik Peterson Screenshot
CPT Erik Peterson
Hell No I Won't Go Screenshot
Hell No I Won't Go
Hooking and Crooking Screenshot
Hooking and Crooking
I will Not Let Another Man Die Screenshot
I will Not Let Another Man Die
Juice Squeeze Screenshot
Juice Squeeze
LT Dave Spangenberg Screenshot
LT Dave Spangenberg
The Two Soldiers Screenshot
The Two Soldiers

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