Army Ethic Development Course

Certificate producing AR 350-1 training product

The Army Ethic Development Course (AEDC) provides educational content on the Army Ethic and Values for Soldiers and Army Civilians at all levels of learning. The AEDC can be accessed as a course package, which fulfills the AR 350-1 annual Army Values sustainment training requirement, or as individual portions of the course in a self-service fashion.

When using the AEDC as a course package, the learner will first encounter a pre-assessment, which directs the learner to the appropriate lesson based on their answers. The learner will then complete the lesson and a post-assessment video case study for their cohort. If a learner passes all pre-assessments, they will go directly to the video case study for their cohort.

The course takes approximately two hours to complete, and bookmarking is not available to save your spot. Successful completion of the course results in the generation of a certificate of training.

The course has five lessons developed at five progressively more complex levels of learning. As a result, it is possible for a learner to take the course five times over a five year period and receive a new learning experience each year.

Individual lessons, facilitator guides, video case studies, and whiteboards are also available to support instructors, leaders, or anyone who wants to download and use portions of the course for professional development or other curriculum.