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PV2 Miller

Part 1: PV2 Miller describes having a buddy in Basic who gets a "Dear John" letter from his fiance. PV2 Miller describes the Soldier's struggle to stay motivated and how he ultimately thought of committing suicide. The Soldier ends up cutting his wrists in the latrine, but survived. The Platoon reacts to him in various ways, and many shun or mock the Soldier as "just trying to get kicked out." PV2 Miller has to decide whether or not to stick by his friend.

Part 2: PV2 Miller describes how he remained a friend to this Soldier. He describes the "little things" that he did to encourage his friend. The rest of the Platoon began to respond to this Soldier as well rather than making fun of him. PV2 Miller describes the bond that he has to his Battle Buddies.