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PVT Gress

Part 1: PVT Gress describes a difficult situation regarding a member of her unit and her challenges respecting and working with that Soldier because she didn't seem to be a team player. We have named the Soldier PVT "My-Way." In addition, PVT Gress describes her understanding of Respect prior to coming in to the military.

Part 2: PVT Gress describes an ammo detail that she supported. Prior to leaving for the detail, everyone in the unit cleared their beds of linen for turn-in and cleaning. When PVT Gress returned from the detail very late, she found that some of the other Soldiers had made her bunk, PVT My-Way was one of them. PVT Gress describes how she was overwhelmed by PVT My-Way's actions, and how Gress came to Respect her.