Counterproductive Leadership Resources

Addressing issues that impact readiness is a priority for the Army and its senior leaders. The Army has identified toxic leadership as one issue that negatively impacts readiness. However, the term “toxic” has become a buzzword, and there is a lack of shared understanding about its meaning. Therefore, the Army coined the term “counterproductive leadership,” which is more comprehensive than the label of toxic leadership and emphasizes observable behaviors (versus leader intent). CAPL has developed self-study materials to equip learners with the knowledge and skills to identify when counterproductive leadership is occurring, assess why and when it occurs, and address it productively.

The materials include three online modules:
1) Identify Counterproductive Leadership (seat time: 35 minutes),
2) Assess Counterproductive Leadership (seat time: 25 minutes), and
3) Address Counterproductive Leadership (seat time: 70 minutes).
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