Developing Leaders

Leader Development Improvement Guide (LDIG)

FM 6-22 Leader Development E2 Book

An interactive digital publication which represents a "living doctrine" supplement to FM 6-22. It contains interactive content, figures and tables not included in the printed edition of FM 6-22. This medium uses multimedia, such as videos, pictures and interactive diagrams to enhance the learning leader development concepts. It also provides embedded links to other doctrinal publications and resources relevant to FM 6-22. The e2Book can be downloaded to computers, tablets and smart phones.

Self-Development, Influence and Social Media with MAJ Josh Powers

Leadership Discussion Tool on the Four Components of Communication

Photo by Staff Sgt. Justin Hardin

This discussion tool can be used for a professional development session either in a classroom environment or during unoccupied time as hip pocket training (Cell Phone Accessible). This tool provides a Doctrinal reference of the 4 components of communication, a video vignette and facilitation guide with discussion points.

Leader Development Improvement Guide (LDIG)

Leader Development Improvement Guide (LDIG)

This Leader Development Improvement Guide (LDI Guide) provides Army leaders at all levels with ideas and activities for professional growth, development, and continuous learning that can be incorporated into an Individual Leadership Development Plan (ILDP) or used informally when a leader wants to improve in a particular area. Leaders at all levels can use this guide to jump start their ideas for self-development. The LDI Guide helps you design customized developmental activities tailored to your particular needs as a leader.

Self-Development, Influence and Social Media with MAJ Josh Powers

Army Ethical Development

The Army Ethic Development Course (AEDC) provides educational content on the Army Ethic and Values for Soldiers and Army Civilians at all levels of learning. The AEDC can be accessed as a course package, which fulfills the AR 350-1 annual Army Values sustainment training requirement, or as individual portions of the course in a self-service fashion. When using the AEDC as a course package, the learner will first encounter a pre-assessment, which directs the learner to the appropriate lesson based on their answers. The learner will then complete the lesson and a post-assessment video case study for their cohort. If a learner passes all pre-assessments, they will go directly to the video case study for their cohort.

Situational Judgement Test

U.S. Army Performance Guide

U.S. Army Performance Evaluation Guide ADRP 6-22 Leadership Requirements Model and Example Behavioral Indicators - This Guide is intended as a concise description of different levels of Army leadership competencies and attributes.

Self-Development, Influence and Social Media with MAJ Josh Powers

NCOER Performance Measures Supplement

The Army must provide leaders with the best available resources to assist non-commissioned officer development. This includes the opportunity to provide evaluations nested in doctrine emphasizing leadership and leader development. This supplement assists NCOER preparation by provoking and stimulating thought for specific thoughts and comments. Use this in conjunction with AR 623-3, DA PAM 623-3, and DA PAM 600-25 which provide additional information and guidance on appropriate comments.

Self-Development, Influence and Social Media with MAJ Josh Powers

Army Handbook Self-Development

The Army accomplishes a wide array of missions in diverse and unusual circumstances around the world. At the same time, the Army is engaged in a massive and accelerated transformation that will infuse new organizations, technologies, and capabilities throughout the Army. To meet the recurring challenges, Army personnel must supplement institutional and organizational training and education with continuous, planned self-development. Self-development is also important to achieving your personal and professional goals. Maybe you want to qualify for an advanced level in your career or for a different career track altogether.