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Ethic Foundational to OCS

To facilitate training on the Army Profession and Army Ethic, the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic's senior enlisted advisor Sgt. Maj. David Stewart conducted seminars for both command teams and the general training audience at Operational Contract Support Joint Exercise 2016 in March at Fort Bliss, Texas.

"Though we may be different services, we are all having the same conversations about how to do the right thing," Stewart said.

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Leaders of Character

A cadet asked what the most important attribute is that a young leader should seek out that will help him or her succeed and win in an increasingly complex world.

"Being leaders of character," Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Daniel B. Allyn responded.

Allyn spoke to soldiers and West Point and ROTC cadets at the ninth annual West Point Leadership and Ethics Conference at the George Mason University campus in Arlington, Virginia, March 17. The theme this year was "Living an Honorable Life."

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TRADOC CSM plans Army Profession Town Hall

The first-ever "State of NCO Development Town Hall" went so well in March at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, that the senior enlisted soldier for Training and Doctrine Command plans to host three more such meetings to answer questions from the force.

The final town hall, being planned now, will likely be in November or December and cover the Army profession, Davenport said.

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Army Civilians – Members of the Army Profession

Retired Army Col. Kim Summers has written an article for Military Review entitled "The Army Civilian Corps Professionals in the Making" in which Summers argues that "... in order to integrate the Army Civilians Corps as full-fledged members of the Army Profession, it is essential to certify those that meet the criteria."

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Strengthen your Team's Commitment to Live our Shared Identity as Trusted Army Professionals

Staff Sgt. Alfred Hames recently wrote an article entitled, "How NCOs can change a climate and strengthen a squad" for Army News, in which he mentions the origins of Not in My Squad (NIMS) and the NIMS assessment tool on the CAPE website. Hames speaks of the importance of NIMS saying, "The idea behind NIMS is to empower first-line leaders to tackle issues that are among the top priorities for senior Army leaders."

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View the NIMS assessment tool