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NIMS Squad Leader Resource Released

The Not in my Squad (NIMS) resource for sqad leaders has been released on the CAPE website. The tool is designed to help squad leaders evaluate the state of mutual trust and cohesion within their squads, and it was developed in support of the sergeant major of the Army's "Not in my Squad" initiative.

NIMS Squad Leader Resource

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SMA Dailey Highlights the Importance of Character, Competence, and Commitment

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey recently wrote an article entitled "Building an NCO Corps of Character, Competence, Commitment" for Army Magazine. In the article Dailey points out how NCOs today are operating in an ever-changing and uncertain environment and must be prepared to lead in this environment with character, competence, and commitment.

Read the full article by Sgt. Maj. of the Army Daniel A. Dailey: Building an NCO Corps of Character, Competence, Commitment

SHARP Solutions: Army Profession the Cornerstone of Dialogue and Building Trust in Soldiers

"When you think about the Army Profession, it really gets after our character, our competence and our commitment," said Maj. Gen. Michael D. Lundy, USAACE and Fort Rucker commanding general, in his opening comments at the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response Program (SHARP) Summit held at the USAACE Headquarters Sept 10. "[The Army Profession] talks about how we must treat each other with dignity and respect. When you think about mission command, it's about building on the effective team where there is shared understanding and trust between the leader and the led. If you start getting after that, sexual assault and sexual harassment cannot thrive, and we create an environment where it becomes much harder for Soldiers to violate another Soldier's dignity and respect -- that increases combat readiness."

Read the full article here: http://www.army.mil/article/155641/ or http://www.tradocnews.org/sharp-leaders-gather-to-discuss-readiness-trust/

Use CAPE Products to enhance SHARP training using the Army Profession concept: http://cape.army.mil/stand-strong-vcs/

Army Spotlights Professional Ethic

Col. John Vermeesch, Director of the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, recently wrote an article for the September 2015 issue of ARMY Magazine entitled, "Army Spotlights Professional Ethic."

In the article, he explains that the Army has codified the laws, values and beliefs that have evolved over the 240 years since its inception, and a new Chapter 2, "The Army Ethic," in the latest version of Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 1 The Army Profession articulates those principles that make up the Ethic.

Read the full article in ARMY Magazine or on our website here: Army Spotlights Professional Ethic.

Commentary: The Ethic is written; next step, implement a training program

Conrad Brown recently wrote an article for Task & Purpose entitled "Enforcing the Army's Definition of Professional Ethic Requires More Than a Written Document." In the article, Brown argues that the codifying and publishing Army Profession and Army Ethic concepts into Army Doctrine Reference Publication 1 was the easy part; now we have to do the hard part: spread the concepts and get soldiers to apply and accept the principles. That requires much more work.

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