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New Video Case Study - Standing Strong: Confronting Unethical Conduct

CDT Kelly Kingma reported her tactical NCO for unprofessional conduct. After several investigations, it was found that he photographed and filmed females without their knowledge and consent. He pled guilty to one charge and eight specifications of a violation of Article 120 of military law for "indecent acts."

As a two time Ironman finisher there is no doubt Cadet Kelly Kingma is "tough." Throughout this two year ordeal the harsh criticism she received from her peers for reporting a competent and well liked career NCO for these unprofessional acts bothered her most.

She is sharing her story to help leaders understand the importance of supporting those who come forward with an allegation of wrongdoing.

Leader Version | Cadet Version

CSA Introduces New Army Operating Concept to Army War College Class of 2015

Army War College Class of 2015 was the first major audience with which the Chief of Staff of the Army GEN Ray Odierno discussed the new Army Operating Concept. During the discussion GEN Ray Odierno asked the audience what are the responsibilities of members of the Army Profession?

"We're given great responsibility," said GEN Ray Odierno. "That responsibility is like no other, sometimes given the responsibility to knowingly take other lives. That's an incredible responsibility, and we have to make sure that we understand the importance of doing it within the moral and ethical values of our nation and who we stand for."

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MCCoE Welcomes New Director

BG Willard Burleson III assumed responsibility as director of Mission Command Center of Excellence during a ceremony held at the Frontier Conference Center on 28 Aug 2014. BG Burleson replaced MG Thomas James who is now assigned with U.S. Army Forces Command at Ft. Bragg. Chief of Staff of the Army General Raymond Odierno personally selected BG Burleson because of the importance of the position.

General James, as well as his predecessors, all got the ball moving down the field and have done wonderful things for the Army, but it's an important time for us to kind of actually make many of these great initiatives come before us -- specifically leader development, doctrine, the Army Profession. ... It's tremendously important that we continue to publish as well as help educate and do things for our Army right now in a time of worldwide significant uncertainty and transition.BG Burleson

TRADOC: Transforming Civilians into Soldiers

For over 40 years TRADOC has provided millions of Soldiers with the skills, expertise, and experience to become successful both in and out of the service. 'Start Strong' is the Army's way of finding, selecting, and providing training and education to the one percent of the American population who volunteer to serve.

"U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command's focus on selecting the very best enlisted and officers and investing wisely in their training and education, benefits not just the Army, but also every individual who travels this pathway of professionalism."

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Building Trust between the Army and the American People

FtLeavenworthLamp.com recently published an article titled America losing touch with Army; about-face needed. The author writes about how the Army needs to "reacquaint Americans with their Army." During a Solarium event CSA Raymond Odierno said, "One of the problems the Army has is that it doesn't talk a lot about itself and what we've accomplished. We should be proud of who we are and what we've accomplished."

One of the topics the author mentions that would be excellent to discuss with the American people is the Army Profession. The professional certification criteria of character, competence, and commitment is something SMA Raymond Chandler is discussing often and is passionate about.

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