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Army Civilians Vital to the Army Profession

Army Civilians Taking Oath

Since 1985, the first week in May has been set aside to honor and thank the men and women of our Nation's government workforce. This observance has special resonance in the United States Army, which has a long tradition of professional, honorable, and dedicated public servants entrusted with duties vital to our national security. During Public Service Recognition Week, we pause to recognize the tremendous contributions our Civilians make every day for our Soldiers, their Families and our Nation.

Army Civilians are an integral part of the Army team. These great Americans ensure the readiness and well-being of Soldiers and their Families. Even as Army Civilians endured disruption and hardship during last year's furlough, they remained committed to the mission. These actions alone command the utmost respect and appreciation of the entire Nation. We are certain that Army Civilians will continue to play their critical role in ensuring our Army is prepared and ready when called to service, whatever challenges may arise.

Army Civilians provide unmatched expertise, stability and continuity to our force, qualities that are essential to our success. As such, we must continue to develop our Army Civilians as technical experts, functional managers and enterprise leaders. We are doing this through talent management initiatives such as defining critical competencies for the Army of 2020, and the development of policies that outline training, education and development opportunities for a capabilities-based Civilian workforce.

Undoubtedly, the Army will remain the most highly-trained and professional all-volunteer land force in the world , in no small measure because of the dedication and commitment of our Civilian workforce.

To everyone that we honor during Public Service Recognition Week, thank you for a job well done. Working together, our Soldiers and our Civilians make us Army Strong!

Read the full tri-signed letter here: Army Civilians Vital to the Army Profession

Your Responsibility as an Army Professional

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Ray Chandler participated in a live radio interview with Federal News Radio regarding the Army's enduring focus on Sexual Harassment/Assault Awareness. Tom Temin and Emily Kopp asked SMA Chandler if the Army is starting to get a hold of the problem.

SMA Chandler mentions that the Army is making progress, but there is a lot of work left to be done. SMA Chandler goes on to discuss the importance of Trust and Professionalism.

"I firmly believe this is all about our understanding of the Army Profession. [Character, Competence and Commitment] ... [I]f you are a professional that you have a responsibility then - to act like one - to take action."

Listen to the whole interview here: http://www.federalnewsradio.com/?nid=85&sid=3613560

Shaping Tomorrow's Soldiers

SMA Raymond Chandler recently visited Fort Leonard Wood for three days. During a town hall meeting on Friday he discussed the importance of a Soldier's character, competence, and commitment to help "the Army combat sexual assaults and suicides".

"In order to ensure that we reduce sexual assaults and suicides within our Army, we've got to do all three of these things. If not, we're not going to solve this challenge. We've got to be the professionals we say we are. If you say you're a professional, you need to live up to it," Chandler said.

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Inspiring Elevated Behavior

Dov Seidman recently wrote an article titled Army's Basic Training Is No Longer Basic: Lessons for Business. In his piece he discusses how the new age of communication brought by all the technological innovation has really changed the way we all operate, including the Army.

Seidman mentions, "The US Army, like most forward thinking businesses, has recognized the limitations of blind obedience. The Army has been phenomenally innovative in this critical leadership area, and admirably open about their work, and I have been inspired to study how they are adapting."

Seidman witnessed firsthand the inspirational leadership present in the US Army's basic training course.

"I don't want fear and obedience; I want confidence and discipline. Discipline is not about being on time. Discipline is about doing the right thing at the right time", states LTC Glick.

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AAOP Honorable Service and Stewardship

Honorable Service and Stewardship

During the second half of the FY14 America's Army - Our Profession, "Stand Strong" Program, the focus is on the Army Profession's essential characteristics of Honorable Service and Stewardship of the Army Profession. Army Professionals - United in our Identity - "Stand Strong" to contribute Honorable Service in defense of the American people; and to provide ethical, effective, and efficient Stewardship of the Army Profession for Soldiers, Army Civilians, Army Families, and the resources entrusted to our care.

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