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SPC Wright: The Effects of Hazing and Sexual Assault on the Army Profession

SPC Jarett Wright was hazed and sexually assaulted while deployed to Iraq in 2010. He is sharing his story to prevent similar acts from happening to others.

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SSG Valdez: Resiliency and the Army Profession

A Soldier confessed to sexually assaulting SSG Mary Valdez while attending a single Soldiers retreat in Hawaii. She trusted him because he also served in the US Army. She is sharing her story to help fellow Army Professionals understand how to survive after being sexually assaulted.

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STAND-TO! Edition: Monday December 16, 2013

In case you missed it America's Army - Our Profession "Stand Strong" was featured for Monday's edition of STAND-TO!

America's Army - Our Profession "Stand Strong" Program is a fiscal year 2014 education and training program intended to develop a shared professional identity, motivate ethical conduct and drive character development for Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians. Army professionals stand strong to conduct themselves and hold each other accountable in a manner consistent with the Army ethic and worthy of their professional status. The program reinforces trust among Army professionals and with the American people, inspires honorable service, strengthens stewardship of the Army Profession, and enhances esprit de corps.

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SMA Chandler Recognizes Soldiers and Civilians for their Service

SMA Recognizes Soliders and Civilians

During the recognition ceremony where more than a dozen Soldiers and civilians were recognized for their service Chandler spoke about their contributions.

"They're a part of the Army team," said Chandler. "Every one of us, whether you're a family member, a Department of the Army civilian or a Soldier, contributes to the Army's success."

"Chandler also emphasized to the crowd of Soldiers that Department of the Army Civilians are an important part of the total Army team", mentions author Courtney Dock.

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Fort Stewart Army Profession Seminar

Fort Stewart AP Seminar

SGM David L. Stewart, SGM of the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, delivers a message on "trust" to enlisted soldiers at Woodruff Theater 29 Oct 2013.

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SMA Raymond Chandler Discusses His Priorities for 2014

Recently Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler spoke with the Army Times in an interview and discussed his priorities for 2014. When asked about his priorities for 2014 and the current fiscal year (FY14) he said:

This year's theme is "Stand Strong," so throughout the year, I will remind soldiers and leaders that being an Army team member challenges us to develop into professionals. Our way ahead is clear -- the Army will be and perform as a profession only when we choose to embody five essential characteristics: trust, military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps and stewardship.

These must be present in our culture, our team members, our units ... and our commitment to self-police those who do not live up to these standards. When we make the choice to be an Army professional, it cannot be words alone.

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