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CAPE Takes APS to 101st DIVARTY Leadership Conference

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Glenn Goldman, Deputy Director for the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, presented an Army Profession Seminar (APS) during the 101st DIVARTY's Organizational Leadership conference earlier this year. The facilitated, interactive discussion at the APS included the Army Profession, the Army Ethic, Character Development, and Trusted Army Professional Identity.

Approximately 60 leaders, including the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Deputy Commanding General, attended the seminar and provided positive feedback on the Army's Framework for Character Development and the Character Development Whiteboard Video.

If you would like CAPE to bring an APS to your location, you can get details on the Army Profession Seminar page.

Taking Time to Reflect on Military Professionalism

War Room Podcast Image

In this episode of "War Room," the official podcast of the U.S. Army War College online journal, Lt. Col. Ty Mayfield and Jacqueline E. Whitt begin by discussing the history of the U.S. military as a profession and what it means to be a profession.

"We feel like this is the right time ... that a point of reflection is required. And it's a time for us to look back at these tenets of a profession and ask ourselves are we meeting them. Looking for places where they can be improved and strengthened and making sure that that we as the U.S. Military are maintaining that trust with our client, the Constitution of the United States and its citizens ...."

Listen to the full podcast, originally posted on Sept. 21, 2018, or subscribe here: https://warroom.armywarcollege.edu/podcasts/reflecting-on-military-professionalism/

Shaping the Peruvian Army's NCO corps

Sgt. Maj. Boris Bolaños, senior enlisted advisor to the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, presented an Army Profession Seminar to the Peruvian Army's (PERAR) non-commissioned officer corps in September in Lima, Peru, about Army Profession, Army Ethic, and Character Development concepts. In addition to the seminar facilitated by Bolaños, the Peruvian soldiers were also a part of a Not in My Squad (NIMS) Workshop during the week-long training event.

According to West Virginia National Guard Capt. Holli Nelson, "This engagement is a part of an ongoing series between ARSOUTH and PERAR ... designed to provide a foundation for institutional change to education and leader development within the PERAR NCO corps."

Learn More: WVNG, ARSOUTH shaping the future for Peruvian Army's NCO corps

CAPE Releases Character Development Whiteboard Video

The full-length (18-minute) Character Development whiteboard video you've been waiting for is finally here! The video is a learning product that provides an explanation of the Army's Framework for Character Development, why character matters in the Army, and why the Army must intentionally develop character in its Soldiers and Army Civilians through the alignment of identity, climate, and culture, with the Army Ethic as our guiding azimuth.

In addition to the video, CAPE has a discussion guide to help you integrate the video into your training program.

View the video and the discussion guide here: Character Development Whiteboard Video

The Army Ethic – Why and How We Serve

Recently Maj. Gen. Willard Burleson III wrote an article to serve as a reminder of how we in the U.S. Military serve. In the article he says:

We defend our nation as members of the profession of arms and through our honorable accomplishment of the mission.

Our Army Ethic provides the foundation and moral basis for why we exist. It stems from our country's beginning -- the U.S. Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, United States law, the law of war, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, our oaths of enlistment and commissioning, Army values and many other contributing rules and norms.

Read the full article: Army Ethic reminds us why, how we serve