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Fort Stewart Army Profession Seminar

Fort Stewart AP Seminar

SGM David L. Stewart, SGM of the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, delivers a message on "trust" to enlisted soldiers at Woodruff Theater 29 Oct 2013.

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SMA Raymond Chandler Discusses His Priorities for 2014

Recently Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler spoke with the Army Times in an interview and discussed his priorities for 2014. When asked about his priorities for 2014 and the current fiscal year (FY14) he said:

This year's theme is "Stand Strong," so throughout the year, I will remind soldiers and leaders that being an Army team member challenges us to develop into professionals. Our way ahead is clear -- the Army will be and perform as a profession only when we choose to embody five essential characteristics: trust, military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps and stewardship.

These must be present in our culture, our team members, our units ... and our commitment to self-police those who do not live up to these standards. When we make the choice to be an Army professional, it cannot be words alone.

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New Video: Stand Strong

Sergeant Major of the Army Stand Strong Message

Applying the Army Values

Mark A Johnston hosted the seventh Moral Fitness Luncheon on 25 Sept 2013. The Luncheon was held with more than forty Soldiers in attendance and was designed "to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the Army Value of Honor and employ that knowledge". Johnston goes on to explain:

The outcome I hope for is to gain an understanding and application of the Army Values in the lives of soldiers. All soldiers can quote to me what the Army Values are. That is not enough. I hope this program it will provide them the tools they need to apply these values in real world situations and give them the ability to make moral and ethical decisions when these values conflict either with each other or with the beliefs with which the soldier has been raised.

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America's Army Our Profession "Stand Strong"

During Fiscal Year 2014, the United States Army will launch the America's Army - Our Profession "STAND STRONG" program so that Army Professionals "Stand Strong" to conduct ourselves and hold each other accountable in a manner consistent with the Army Ethic and worthy of our professional status. This effort will enhance trust throughout the force, promote Honorable Service, strengthen Stewardship of the Army Profession, develop a shared professional identity, inspire ethical conduct, and drive character development of Soldiers and civilians.

The STAND STRONG program works in concert with the CY13 America's Army - Our Profession Education and Training Program. The theme of "Trust" will be used for training during the first half of FY14 with Honorable Service and Stewardship for the second half of FY14.

Stand Strong