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Building a Cohesive Team

"In combat, cohesive teams are the most effective."

Have you ever been part of a cohesive team? How did you know it was cohesive? What did its leaders do to create that sense of cohesion? How did cohesion affect the unit's performance and morale? As Soldiers, we all want to be part of cohesive teams and as leaders we want to intentionally build them, but how is cohesion developed? Based on their own experiences, company commanders in the Company Command forum (http://CC.army.mil) have been talking about the best, most cohesive teams they have served in, as well as about how they foster cohesion in their units. This article shares some of that conversation and invites all of us to think about how we can be more intentional about creating cohesive, combat-ready teams.

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Odierno To Top Leaders: Expect Tougher Evals

Army Chief of Staff discusses leader development of the force to ensure we have the right leaders and the right development opportunities to steward the profession. He spoke about upcoming changes: a 360 Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback implanted in fall 2013 for all Battalion and Brigade commanders and a similar evaluation for General Officers. These tools along with command climate surveys and sensing sessions will help identify toxic leaders in the ranks.

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Fixing Critical Thinking within the Professional Military Ethic

The Army is concerned about the critical thinking skills of its officer corps. There is a program in place to fix this problem in PME at the mid career level. The author argues that this training should begin at the undergraduate level and courses in U.S. history, western civilization, geography, and international relations be made a graduation requirement for all future officers.

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