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Character Development Whiteboard Preview

TRADOC's Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) has an 18-minute Character Development whiteboard video due for release this summer, but you don't have to wait until then to check it out. CAPE has a preview of the video online here, so you can start to think about the many ways you can use the upcoming video in your leadership and Character Development training.

The full version of the whiteboard video is a learning product that provides an explanation of the Army's Framework for Character Development, why character matters in the Army, and why the Army must intentionally develop character in its Soldiers and Army Civilians through the alignment of identity, climate, and culture, with the Army Ethic as our guiding azimuth. With the full version of the video, you will be able to access a training support package to help you integrate Character Development into your training program.

Please take a look at the preview, share it as you see fit, and keep an eye out for the full video this summer.

Character Development Whiteboard Preview

NIMS in Aviation Digest – Making Positive Changes in the Army

Staff Sgt. Grady M. Elmore and Sgt. 1st Class Tyler P. Hervey recently wrote an article titled "The 'Not In My Squad' Program – Making Positive Changes in the Army" for Aviation Digest's October-December 2017 Issue. In the article Elmore and Hervey discuss the Army Profession; Character; Empowering Junior Leaders; Building Trust and Cohesion; and Ethics, Values and Virtues Both Past and Present.

Read the full article here: The "Not In My Squad" Program Making Positive Changes in the Army

The Aviation Digest is published quarterly in electronic format.

Read the full issue here: Aviation Digest Oct-Dec 2017
Aviation Digest website: Aviation Digest Website

2017 Army Profession Forum

Army senior leaders from across the force met last week for the 2017 Army Profession Forum, a Chief of Staff of the Army Senior Leader Development conference hosted by the Center for the Army Profession & Ethic (CAPE) and the Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention (SHARP) office. The central theme this year was "Trust."

Read more: STAND-TO! Army Profession Forum

Army Profession and Ethic Faculty Development Course

Faculty Development Course Topic Menu

The Army Profession and Ethic Faculty Development Course has been released on the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) website.

This course provides educational content on the Army Profession and Army Ethic as described in ADRP 1. It is intended for use in faculty development programs to provide instructors and curriculum developers with concepts, videos, and scenarios they can use with their learners. The material is also useful for unit professional development programs.

Topics within the courseware include:

  • Essential Characteristics of the Army Profession
  • The Army Ethic
  • Ethical Considerations for Leaders within Professional Climates
  • The Certification Criteria for Trusted Army Professionals: Character, Competence, and Commitment
  • Roles of Components and Cohorts

View the Army Profession and Ethic Faculty Development Course

NCOs at USMA discuss the Army Profession, the Army Ethic, and Character Development

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Sgt. Maj. Boris Bolaños, senior enlisted advisor to the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE), spoke to noncommissioned officers (NCOs) from the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point, NY, on July 13 as part of a NCO Forum. Bolaños and USMA Command Sergeant Major Timothy Guden discussed topics important to the NCOs, including the Army Profession, the Army Ethic, Character Development and trust.

Read the full article by PointerView: NCO Forum focuses on character, ethics in Profession of Arms