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Five Myths about Military Ethics

Dr. C. Anthony Pfaff, Research Professor for Military Profession and Ethic at the U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, and Senior Fellow, Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE), wrote an article in the Autumn 2016 issue of Parameters magazine entitled: "Five Myths about Military Ethics."

The article abstract:

After a decade and a half of struggling across various dimensions, the Army's ethic risks losing traction with its practitioners. With that loss of traction comes a commensurate loss of trust, which will have a negative impact on the relationship the military has with the society it serves, undermining its status as a profession. Addressing these challenges requires getting past the myths that obscure the solutions.

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TRADOC Holds NCO Talent Management Town Hall

Town Hall Moderator and Panelists

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) hosted its third State of NCO Development town hall at Fort Eustis, Virginia, Nov. 3. The topic was talent management. TRADOC Command Sgt. Maj. Dave Davenport; Command Sgt. Maj. Wardell Jefferson of Human Resources Command; and Sgt. Maj. Derek Johnson, deputy chief of staff G1 sergeant major at Headquarters Department of the Army, were the three panelists taking questions during the event with Master Sgt. Michael Lavigne moderating.

Martha C. Koester wrote an article about the event, entitled "Third TRADOC Town Hall Focuses on Talent Management," in which she says, "Davenport acknowledged that NCOs have had a lot of information thrown at them about NCO 2020, but he said that's why the series of TRADOC town halls were developed. They offer an opportunity for Soldiers to get their questions answered from senior NCOs and to have issues placed into context for them."

Read the full article in NCO Journal: Third TRADOC Town Hall Focuses on Talent Management

Watch the full event on YouTube below:

Snider Dedicates His Life to the Army Profession

Dr. Don M. Snider speaks during the 2014 Army Profession Annual Symposium at West Point, NY.

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) recently posted an article on their website lauding Dr. Don M. Snider for more than 50 years of government service, including his tireless work and dedication to the recognition of the Army as a profession. A 1962 West Point graduate with three combat tours, the article says that after his retirement from active duty as a colonel, "Snider became a leading scholar pushing the idea that a strong Army requires moral and ethical leaders who see what they are doing as a calling, not just a job."

"Don Snider is an American treasure," said Maj. Gen. William E. Rapp, Army War College commandant, who called Snider "one of my personal heroes and inspirations."

Read the full article, entitled Ethics, Morality and Leadership: Snider Dedicates Life to Army Profession

One Army, Indivisible

One Army, Indivisible Theme Image

"One Army, Indivisible" is the America's Army - Our Profession (AAOP) biennial theme for fiscal year 2017-2018. Our Total Army is comprised of three interdependent, mutually supporting components: the regular Army, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve, plus the Army Civilian Corps that supports all three. The Army's fundamental mission to win in the unforgiving crucible of ground combat requires the combined effort of the entire team to be ready today and prepared for tomorrow.

"One Army, Indivisible" is an important concept because each element of the team makes an essential contribution to the Total Army's ability to provide for the ethical design, generation, support and application of landpower.

Soldiers and Army Civilians serving in all components share an identity as trusted Army professionals, who are inspired to honorably fulfill their oaths of service to the nation. Having an understanding of the communities of practice, components and cohorts within the Total Army is an essential first step to appreciate the vital role each plays in accomplishing the Army's mission.

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Visit the FY 17-18 America's Army - Our Profession "One Army, Indivisible" Training Support Package page.

Developing Army Professionals

Image of a Soldier taking oath of enlistment

Lt. Col. Thomas R. Matelski wrote an article for the September-October 2016 issue of Military Review magazine entitled "Growing Army Professionals: Closing the Values Gap." Matelski mentions the Army has spent "intellectual energy on defining its future as a profession vice a bureaucracy" and argues the Army now has a gap between what Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 1 - The Army Profession "seeks to foster and the core values of its newest soldiers."

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