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Hagel Thanks 1st Sgt. Moerk for Confronting Unethical Conduct on Social Media

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel met with Army 1st Sgt. Katrina Moerk of Charlie Company, 741st Military Intelligence Battalion, to thank her for leading by example and confronting service members who were behaving unethically online.

Moerk was browsing a social media network's community page earlier this year when she came upon a video that she found offensive and sexist. When she commented as much, several respondents attacked her with insults. Some of the respondents were wearing uniforms in their profile photos, the first sergeant said, so she wrote to them directly.

"I looked them up, introduced myself and explained to them why they were stupid. And I [copied] the director of the Army SHARP program to help their units improve their SHARP training, because it was obviously lacking. And it's kind of blown up from there," Moerk said.

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SMA Discusses Army Values, the Army Profession

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III has less than two months left before completing his tenure as the U.S. Army's top enlisted Soldier. Chandler visited Fort Bragg Dec. 3 and hosted a town hall meeting with Soldiers and family members to discuss the Army Values, sexual assault, suicide, and other Army issues.

"Our profession demands that we look out for one another," Chandler said. "We can make a difference. We just have to decide we're going to be what we say that we are -- professional United States Army Soldiers."

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SMA Chandler Discusses Army Profession and Ethic during Thanksgiving Trip to Korea

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond Chandler III visited Camp Kim, Camp Humphries, Camp Hovey, and Camp Casey in Korea Nov. 26 and 27 to personally thank Soldiers for their service. During his visit Chandler held town hall meetings to discuss the Army Profession and Ethic. Chandler picked Soldiers from the audience to start discussions and addressing issues of sexual assault and suicide.

"It is this kind of dedicated, engaged leadership, and a commitment to the Army Profession and Ethic ... that will have the most impact on these issues," said Chandler. "They will be more effective than any policy senior leadership can enact to address these issues."

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SMA Chandler Discusses Army Profession During Visit to Camp Zama

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III visited Camp Zama, Japan Nov. 24 and 25 as part of a tour of Japan and Korea. During his visit Chandler conducted a town hall meeting to discuss the Army Profession. During the town hall Chandler mentioned he expects Soldiers, commissioned officers and noncommissioned officers to recognize that being a professional takes extra effort.

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