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2017 Mission Command Conference at West Point

West Point's Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic sponsored the 2017 Mission Command Conference (MCC) at the United States Military Academy April 19-20. The theme of this year's conference was "Black Hearts," a book written by Jim Frederick. Michelle Eberhart wrote an article for West Point's "Pointer View" entitled, "MCC―Leaders advise cadets in the stretch run to graduation," in which she says the conference is "[West Point] Superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr.'s Capstone Course of Officership and is intended to help inspire current and future members of the military profession for a lifetime of service to the nation."

Eberhart quoted U.S. Army Director of the Mission Command Center of Excellence, Brig. Gen. James J. Mingus, who noted that you cannot fight wars unless you are the master of Mission Command philosophy. He said, "It's really about the profession, it's really about the ethics and values associated with it to drive that profession; it's the leadership around that that makes it happen."

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