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Prevailing in Large-Scale Combat Operations: "Character, Trust, and Mission Command"

AAOP FY 19-20 Theme Poster

"Prevailing in Large-Scale Combat Operations: 'Character, Trust, and Mission Command'" is the America's Army - Our Profession (AAOP) biennial theme for fiscal year 2019-2020. The Chief of Staff of the Army approves "America's Army - Our Profession" (AAOP) themes to educate the Total Force on topics important to the Army as a profession. The FY19-20 theme highlights the Army's imperative to prevail in large-scale combat operations by exercising mission command, which requires mutual trust and depends on character. The intent is to educate Soldiers and Army Civilians on The Army's Framework for Character Development and the interdependence of character, trust, and mission command.

The Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE) encourages units, organizations, and leaders to integrate AAOP theme materials and concepts into professional development programs. CAPE has developed training materials, including a discussion guide, videos, and vignettes to help.

Visit the FY 19-20 AAOP Training Support Package page