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News Home » March 2019 » Army Ethic in Action: Ethic Under Fire

Army Ethic in Action: Ethic Under Fire

Picture of Retired Col. David R. Hughes

Retired Col. David R. Hughes recalls his days in the Korean War vividly. Hughes tells a story about a time during the Korean War in 1951 when he was the company commander of Company K, 3rd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment and he was ordered to attach and seize Hill 347 through an intervening Objective Rye. For his actions during this mission Hughes was recognized by a Distinguished Service Cross award. Many of the moral principles of the Army Ethic were demonstrated by Hughes and his men in this intense ground combat during his mission.

This is the second in a series of articles that will use vignettes to illustrate the Army Ethic in action. Each vignette is a true story about soldiers and, in future articles, Army civilians, demonstrating character, competence and commitment to accomplish the mission in the right way. The intent is to strengthen understanding of the Army Ethic and inspire honorable service within the Army profession

Read the full article from the February edition of ARMY Magazine here: Ethic Under Fire