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News Home » October 2018 » Taking Time to Reflect on Military Professionalism

Taking Time to Reflect on Military Professionalism

War Room Podcast Image

In this episode of "War Room," the official podcast of the U.S. Army War College online journal, Lt. Col. Ty Mayfield and Jacqueline E. Whitt begin by discussing the history of the U.S. military as a profession and what it means to be a profession.

"We feel like this is the right time ... that a point of reflection is required. And it's a time for us to look back at these tenets of a profession and ask ourselves are we meeting them. Looking for places where they can be improved and strengthened and making sure that that we as the U.S. Military are maintaining that trust with our client, the Constitution of the United States and its citizens ...."

Listen to the full podcast, originally posted on Sept. 21, 2018, or subscribe here: https://warroom.armywarcollege.edu/podcasts/reflecting-on-military-professionalism/