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Senior Army Civilian Army Profession Symposium

Presented by the Secretary of the Army

Senior Army Civilian Army Profession Symposium (SACAPS) Poster

The Secretary of the Army hosted the Senior Army Civilian Army Profession Symposium at the National Defense University (NDU), at Fort McNair, Nov. 20, 2014. The symposium's purpose was to develop a shared vision, reinforce guidance, and generate dialogue on "Living the Army Ethic." Attendees reviewed the Army Ethic author's draft and provided their reaction to its content and format. The attendees also discussed options for integration of the Army Ethic throughout the professional development process for Army civilians and provided thoughts on how to strengthen morale, retention, and esprit within the Army Civilian Corps.

The Secretary of the Army's intent in conducting this symposium was to generate dialogue and gain consensus regarding the role of the Army Civilian Corps within the Army Profession; and the applicability of the Army Ethic as Army Civilians contribute to the Army mission, perform their duties, and conduct themselves in all aspects of life. As we move further into the 21st century, our strategic transition presents tremendous opportunities for the Army Profession to lead the nation in the ethical development of human capital. To be that leader, the Army must intensify its understanding of what it means to be a trusted Army Professional -- the shared identity for all Soldiers and Army Civilians.




The U.S. Army as a Military Profession The Importance of an Army Ethic

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