Building Cohesive Teams

Expands upon this principle by offering fundamentals of team building and specific techniques for building and maintaining effective teams.


Hall of Heroes Induction Ceremony Speech - SSG David G. Bellavia

Staff Sergeant David G. Bellavia distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty on November 10, 2004, while serving as a squad leader in support of Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah, Iraq.

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Ethical Module

Each Ethical Module contains a situation requiring a decision, The decision and actions of the main character are then presented in the situation conclusion. Facilitator questions are provided in a guide to aid instructors or leaders in enhancing discussions of the videos.Stand Strong - Interactive virtual experience for Army professionals can learn by making decisions and seeing potential real life consequences that play out in movie format.


Stand Strong

Place Soldiers and Civilians into realistic and relevant scenarios where they can learn by making decisions and seeing the potential real-life consequences that play out in a movie format.



CAPL videos provide a resource for developing leaders and the Army profession and consists of everything from video vignettes to discuss leadership, videos which support case studies all the way to full ALx presentations.

Situational Judgement Test

Situational Judgement Test

Leadership Situational Judgment Tests are a training product that presents short leader scenarios an NCO or Company Grade Officer might encounter. From a set of responses you select the best and the worst ways to respond and then receive feedback on your choices. The feedback is based on how other leaders chose to deal with the situation. Leaders will find them useful for self-development to gauge their leadership actions and decisions. They can be used in Army courses and unit professional development sessions to trigger discussion and thinking about a variety of ways to respond and how experienced leaders responded.

Self-Development, Influence and Social Media with MAJ Josh Powers

The Army Professional Forum (APF)

The Army Professional Forum (APF) is a two-day strategic leader forum, convened annually, hosted by Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff. The SECARMY, CSA, and SMA use the APF to provide guidance, shape strategic messaging, and facilitate dialog among the Army's senior leaders on topical themes relevant to our profession. The APF serves as a platform for senior Army leaders to candidly discuss topics relevant to the profession. The outcomes of this forum shape future research, policy, doctrine, and programs to sustain individual and organizational excellence.

Self-Development, Influence and Social Media with MAJ Josh Powers

Army Ethical Development

The Army Ethic Development Course (AEDC) provides educational content on the Army Ethic and Values for Soldiers and Army Civilians at all levels of learning. The AEDC can be accessed as a course package, which fulfills the AR 350-1 annual Army Values sustainment training requirement, or as individual portions of the course in a self-service fashion. When using the AEDC as a course package, the learner will first encounter a pre-assessment, which directs the learner to the appropriate lesson based on their answers. The learner will then complete the lesson and a post-assessment video case study for their cohort. The course has five lessons developed at five progressively more complex levels of learning. As a result, it is possible for a learner to take the course five times over a five year period and receive a new learning experience each year.

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