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Senior Leader Educational Guidance Packages

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The goal of this guidance is to further students’ education on ethics and promote their personal and professional development. The content of this educational guidance contains eleven topic modules. Two of the modules, The Army Profession as Our Unifying Purpose and Context and Investing in Character Development, are foundational and should be considered as prerequisites for later modules. Your Stewardship: Preserving the Army Profession should be the final module as its objective is to launch the student from the course with a plan to implement at the student’s next duty station.

The other eight modules are each focused on exploration topics of particular interest to Senior Leaders. TRADOC has mandated 2 specific topics within this area, “Honoring the Public Trust,” and “Ethical Compartmentalization: Does Your Private Live Matter?”

Download the full package: Download

Senior Leader Educational Guidance Advance Sheet

Living The Army Profession

Investing in Character Development

Stumbling Blocks and Self Awareness

Guarding the Army Ethic

Profession Dissonance - Tensions Between Culture and Institution

Ethical Compartmentalization - Does Your Private Life Matter

Shifting Sands - Why Do Americans Expect So Much of Leaders

The Truth About Honesty

Double Standards and Trust

Honoring the Public Trust

Your Stewardship - Preserving the Army Profession