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Videos > Ethical Connections: Ethical Reasoning in a Real-World Scenario (Civilian)

Ethical Connections: Ethical Reasoning in a Real-World Scenario (Civilian)

In this scenario, an Army Civilian, Mrs. Pattering, within the US Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC) is recounting an incident that occurred during quarterly training with new munitions for the Army's 155mm howitzer. The round performs as required up to a temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. This meets the contract specifications for the munitions. However, units are using this howitzer in conditions in the Middle East that exceed the 110 degrees Fahrenheit temperature specifications. In testing, at temperatures of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, the round cooked off and exploded in the gun tube. The animation is an account of how Mrs. Pattering applied the Ethical Reasoning Model and multiple lenses to determine the best course of action.


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